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Sumner Contact: Ms. Sherlice Wesson, 913-627-7212.

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Kansas works job search appKANSASWORKS recently rolled out a free mobile job search app for our job board.  In an effort to connect students to jobs/internships in Kansas, this information is being shared with students.  It is very important that students are aware of the job opportunities in Kansas so that they stay in our state.

Another great tool on KANSASWORKS is the Job Search Workbook which has many examples and can provide job search assistance.  A listing of offices can be found at

Sumner Academy #1 in Kansas

Watch News Channel 41 to see Sumner Academy recognized as number one school in the state.

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked Sumner Academy of Arts and Science as the top high school in Kansas.

At Sumner Academy, for a majority of the students, two years of coursework comes down a single test.

The exam is part of the International Baccalaureate program, which forms the foundation of the curriculum for the school's nearly 800 students.

"It prepares them definitely with the thinking skills, the writing skills, being analytical, the rigor that they'll face in college," Sumner Academy's International Baccalaureate program coordinator Paula Biggar said.

Higher education is the ultimate goal for every student.

"The grit to keep going is what pushed me to graduate," Sumner senior Javen Betts said.

Betts and other Sumner students benefit from a plethora of resources are provided to students.

"We have a lot of students who might be first generation college-goers, so giving them access to college, ensuring that they have those experiences on what life is like outside of the city, outside of their own home — what that looks like," Sumner Academy Assistant Principal Rick Malone said.

Those lessons begin in the classroom.

"I spend a lot of time talking about subjects that maybe they don't need to cover in a traditional setting and we get to do a great in-depth study of topics that are real for our kids," Sumner Academy's College and Career Academy Facilitator Edward Gunter said.

Activities outside of school help make well-rounded students, including Sumner's award-winning forensics team.

"They have us do C.A.S — which is creativity, activity and service — so that's really forced me to go outside my comfort zone and try different activities," Sumner senior Morgan Dierks said.

U.S. News and World Report obviously noticed the lengths the school goes to in churning out well-rounded students.

Besides being ranked the number one high school in the state of Kansas and having a 100-percent graduation rate,

Sumner, which boats a 100-percent graduation rate as the top high school in Kansas, ranked 55th nationally and is 17th among magnet high schools nationwide. It's a rating for which the students are proud.

"Sometimes, I feel people don't see that we're actually able to succeed because of issues that we have around the community, so it's definitely great to have that recognition," Sumner senior Kasey Romo-Nieves said.

The school's faculty said the recognition and accolades are a collaborative effort.

"The ranking is a number; the kids do the work, and the staff supports that," Gunter said.


College Credit for IB exams State of Kansas Policy Change

The Kansas Board of Regents, the organization that oversees the state universities, recently passed a policy revising their Credit by Examination for IB exams.

What does the policy state?

  • All Kansas public universities are required to award equivalent credit for IB exams, both SL and HL, for students scoring a 4 or higher.
  • All state universities listed below must follow this policy.
    • Emporia State University
    • Fort Hays State University
    • Kansas State University
    • Pittsburg State University
    • University of Kansas
    • Wichita State University
  • While the junior/community colleges in the state of Kansas are not required to adopt this new policy, they are highly encouraged by KBOR to follow.
  • This policy takes effect for the 2019 – 2020 academic year.

What does this mean?

  • If a student scores a 4 or higher on an IB exam, for which the university has an equivalent course, the student will receive credit for that course.
  • If a student scores higher than a 4 on an IB exam, the student could receive more credit for additional courses, depending on the course and level.
  • “An equivalent” means a course that covers roughly the same content and outcomes that the IB course does.
  • The number of credits will vary according to the number of the equivalent course.
  • For example, at FHSU currently, they award a Biology SL score of 5 with either BIOL 100 or BIOL 180 credit. Starting in summer 2019, a 4 or higher would earn the same credit for either BIOL 100 or BIOL 180.

What is the IMPACT for Sumner Academy students?

  • BIG impact for Sumner Students!!  Last year, under this policy the class of 2019 could have received over 1100 college credits.

Timetable/Next steps

  • Universities have been advised to begin to update their policies on their website as soon as possible but the change on university publications will probably not be completed until summer 2019.
  • Look for the Credit for Prior Learning or Credit for Examination section on your university’s website.
  • Be aware that these websites are NOT UPDATED at this time, but should be before the start of the next academic year.
  • To ensure that you receive the credits you are entitled to, you should work closely with your admissions rep or advisor at your school.
  • IB will send (usually electronically) your IB scores after July 6, when scores are published, to the college you have indicated on your final checkout document.  

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Infinite Campus Portal

What is the Campus Portal?

Campus Portal is our tool for parents and students to access instant, online, timely and secure student information: class schedule, assignments, attendance, discipline, course registrations for next year, report cards and transcripts.  Campus Portal is a means to further promote educational excellence by enhancing our program of communication with parents and students.
Who is eligible to have a Campus Portal account?

Parents of current students are eligible to activate a Parent Portal account, after agreeing to the terms and conditions of use.

How much does the Campus Portal cost?

Nothing. It is a free service to parents, and actually saves the district money by reducing paperwork and labor costs.  Parents can register for Infinite Campus Portal at this link.

Student Attendance

Attendance: 913.627.7233  Office: 913.627.7200

It is imperative to call ahead of time for early dismissals, as students may be in lunch or P.E.

Our lines are open 24/7 you may leave a message. Please allow one hour in advance to request passes to leave early.

Students MUST see attendance clerk before leaving Campus. Students may not be released after 2:45 p.m (12:30 on Wednesday)

Asistencia: 913.627.7233  Officina: 913-627-7200

Es de mucha importancia que nos llame de ante mano para recoger a su estudiante temprano, ya que él o la alumno/a puede estar en hora de lonche o en física. Líneas telefónicas están abiertas las 24 horas, puede dejar su mensaje. Favor permita una hora de anticipación cuando su estudiante necesita salir temprano. Los estudiantes no podrán salir de la escuela después de las 2:45 pm. (12:30 los miércoles)