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Debate & Forensics


Season Awards

 Debate-KC tournament at Sumner Academy

Tuesday, November 13, 2018



Neymara Freeman – 2nd Place Varsity Speaker

Jaleon Brown – 3rd Place Varsity Speaker

Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman – 2nd Place Varsity Team

Chase Campbell/Cesy Acosta – 3rd Place JV Team

Damarion McDonald – 2nd Place JV Speaker

Sydney Harris – 3rd Place JV Speaker




Kendrick Ricketts, 1st Place

Timothy McLaughlin, 1st Place

Asma Haji, 3rd Place

Anthony Lasley, 5th Place

Raesia Bruce, 5th place


Overall, the team placed 1st in school sweepstakes.  GO SUMNER ACADEMY DEBATE!


Debate-KC tournament at Washington High School

Tuesday, October 23, 2018



Timothy McLaughlin – 1st Place

Victoria Guerra – 1st Place

Lesly Sosa – 2nd Place

Malcolm Williams – 3rd Place

Amaya Dajani – 4th Place

Kendrick Ricketts – 5th Place



Neymara Freeman – 1st Place Varsity Speaker

Jaleon Brown – 2nd Place Varsity Speaker

Dakota Scott – 1st Place JV Speaker

Sidney Harris – 2nd Place JV Speaker

Wylie Sanders – 3rd Place JV Speaker

Dakota Scott/Wylie Sanders – 1st Place JV Team

Kaeden Robbins/Michael Andrade – 3rd Place JV Team

Anael Cereceres/Dulce Mayorga – 3rd Place Novice Team


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes!



Aaron Thomas Memorial Invitational Debate Tournament @ Andover Central HS

October 5-6, 2018


• Head coach, Jamelle Brown won the Jane Rinehart Coach of the Year Award. 

• Jaleon Brown, Neymara Freeman and Simone Folsom brought home individual Speaker Awards.

• Jaleon Brown and Neymara Freeman broke to the JV Semi-final Round.

• Our two novice teams closed out the novice division. Freshmen, Ariana Lindsay and Dakota Scott placed 1st and Michael Andrade and Kaeden Robbins placed 2nd.


East KS Novice Debate Season Opener - Shawnee Mission North HS

September 22, 2018

Congratulations to our novice medalists - Jakayla Brown, Kimberly Vera-Burgoa, Cesy Acosta, Chase Campbell, Dakota Scott, and Ariana Lindsay.


Olathe North High School

September 15, 2018

Michael Andrade and Kaeden Robbins, 2nd place novice team!


April 28, 2018


Forensics Coaches Invitational - FCI


Suan Sonna - 1st Place, Oration
Suan Sonna - 1st Place, Impromptu Speaking
Alecia Taylor - 1st Place, Dramatic Interpretation
Vanessa Obi - 3rd Place, Oration
Amari Lewis - 3rd Place, Dramatic Interpretation
Suan Sonna - 3rd Place, Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
Jaleon Brown - 4th Place, Prose
Megan Dorantes - 6th Place, Poetry
Payton Johnson - 6th Place, Dramatic Interpretation


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 3rd in school sweeps.


April 14, 2018




Payton Johnson - 2nd Place, Dramatic Interpretation


April 6-7, 2018


Bishop Miege/EKNSDA Congress Qualifier


Suan Sonna – 4th Place, Senate
Colin Barnes (not pictured) – 1st Place, Poetry 
Payton Johnson – 1st Place, Dramatic Interp
Jaleon Brown – 2nd Place, Program of Oral Interp
De’Auan McClaine – 4th Place, Poetry
Ashlynn Freeman – 5th Place, Dramatic Interp
Ashlynn Freeman – 5th Place, Impromptu Speaking
Neymara Freeman – Congress Super Session

Overall, Sumner Academy placed 3rd in school sweepstakes!


March 24, 2018


Shawnee Mission West


Simone Folsom – 1st Place International Extemporaneous Speaking
Alecia Taylor – 2nd Place Dramatic Interp
Jaleon Brown – 3rd Place POI
Neymara Freeman – 3rd Place Informative (10) Speaking
Eunice Panama – 4th Place Dramatic Interp
Kasey Romo-Nieves – 5th Place Oration
Hugo Juarez – 5th Place Poetry
Amari Lewis – 5th Place Dramatic Interp


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 3rd in School Sweepstakes!



March 9-10, 2018


CFL National Qualifiers


Colin Barnes - Oral Interpretation of Literature

Megan Dorantes - Oral Interpretation of Literature

Suan Sonna - Extemporaneous Speaking

Simone Folsom - Extemporaneous Speaking

Alecia Taylor/Ashlyn Freeman - Duo Interpretation

Vanessa Obi - Oration



March 2-3, 2018


Olathe Northwest Forensics Tournament


Sumner Academy - 1st Place School Sweeps (out of 33 schools)


Suan Sonna:

1st Place Varsity Congress

1st Place Triathlon
1st Place USX (SQ)
3rd Place Oration (SQ)
3rd Place Impromptu (SQ)


Megan Dorantes:
2nd Place Info(10)


Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman:

1st Place Novice PFD


Jaleon Brown:
5th Place Prose (SQ)
5th Place POI


Amari Lewis:
2nd Place DI (SQ)


Vanessa Obi:
6th Place POI


Isaiah Allen:
6th Place Poetry (SQ)


Ashlynn Freeman/Alecia Taylor:
7th Place DUO


In addition to the above finalists, the following forensicators broke into the semi-final round: Colin Barnes, Hugo Juarez, Rian Neely, Eunice Panama, Simone Folsom, Chayanne Hubbard, Kasey Romo-Nieves, and Neymara Freeman.


February 23-24, 2018


Shawnee Mikssion North/Shawnee Misison Northwest Forensics Tournaments


Simone Folsom - 2nd Place Lincoln Douglas Debate

Anthony Lasley - 6th Place Open Student Congress

Rian Neely - 2nd Place Poetry 
Amari Lewis - 2nd Place Dramatic Intepretation 
Kasey Romo-Nieves - 4th Place Oration
Hugo Juarez - 4th Place Poetry 

Nguyen Nicholson - 6th Place Humorous Interpretation 



February 9-10, 2018


Wichita East Invitational Forensics Tournament


Sumner Academy - 1st Place Team Sweepstakes
Vanessa Obi – 1st Place Impromptu
Vanessa Obi – 2nd Place Oration
Vanessa Obi – 3rd Place POI

Suan Sonna – 1st Place USX
Ashlynn Freeman – 1st Place Dramatic Interp
Jaleon Brown – 2nd Place Prose
Jaleon Brown – 2nd Place POI

Regina Sosa– 3rd Place Informative
Colin R. Barnes – 3rd Place Prose
Alecia Taylor – 3rd Place DI

Simone Folsom– 4th Place IX
Megan Dorantes – 4th Place Poetry
Isaiah Allen – 5th Place POI
Ashlynn Freeman/Alecia Taylor – 7th Place DUO

Neymara Freeman – 1st Place Novice Info
Erick Yahir Grajeda-Galván – 5th Place Novice Prose
Erick Grajeda – 6th Place Novice Humorous Interp


February 2-3, 2018


Lawrence High Invitational Forensics Tournament




Suan Sonna – 1st Place Senate
Timothy McLaughlin – 7th Place Senate
Amaya Dajani – 4th Place Open Congress
Simone Folsom – 6th Place Lincoln Douglas Debate
Erick Grajeda – 2nd Place Novice Humorous Interp
Erick Grajeda – 3rd Place Novice Prose
Mikayla Mielkus – 2nd Place Novice Prose
Carter Glimpse – 3rd Place Novice Extemp
Gabby Perez – 4th Place Novice Prose




Suan Sonna – 1st Place USX 

Suan Sonna – 1st Place Impromptu 
Vanessa Obi – 1st Place Oration 
Jaleon Brown – 1st Place Prose 
Amari Lewis – 1st Place DI 
De’Auan McClaine/Savaughn McClaine – 1st Place IDA 
Suan Sonna – 2nd Place Oration 
Vanessa Obi – 2nd Place POI
Sumner Academy - 3rd Place Team Sweeps
Megan Dorantes – 2nd Place Poetry 
Alecia Taylor – 3rd Place DI
Colin Barnes – 3rd Place Prose
Simone Folsom – 4th Place IX
Ashlynn Freeman/Alecia Taylor – 4th Place DUO
Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman – 4th Place PF Debate
De’Auan McClaine – 5th Place Poetry
Ashlynn Freeman – 5th Place DI
Regina Sosa – 5th Place Info
Megan Dorantes – 5th Place Prose
Nguyen Nicolson/Stephen Barratt – 6th Place IDA


January 26-27, 2018


Lansing High School Invitational Forensics Tournament


Simone Folsom - 1st Place Lincoln Douglas Debate
Jaleon Brown - 1st Place Prose
Vanessa Obi - 1st Place POI
Suan Sonna - 2nd Place Oration
Colin Barnes - 2nd Place Prose
Latitia Murdock - 2nd Place Prose
Suan Sonna - 2nd Place Senate
Jaleon Brown - 2nd Place POI
Latitia Murdock - 2nd Place Poetry
Suan Sonna - 3rd Place Domestic Extemp
Colin Barnes - 3rd Place Dramatic Interp
Neymara Freeman - 4th Place Informative (10)
Simone Folsom - 5th Place Foreign Extemp
Isaiah Allen - 6th Place Poetry
Ryen Buck - 5th Place Humorous Interp
Ashlynn Freeman - 5th Place Dramatic Interp
Alecia Taylor - 6th Place Dramatic Interp
Isaiah Allen - 6th Place Poetry
Angelica Carrazco - 6th Place Poetry
Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman - 6th Place, PF Debate

Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st (out of 20 schools) in school sweepstakes.


JANUARY 12-13, 2018


KSHSAA 2-Speaker State Debate Championship Tournament in Coffeyville, KS


January 5-6, 2018


Sunflower Novice State Championship @ Blue Valley Southwest


Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman finished the tournament with a 3:2 win/loss record.  Overall, they placed 17th out of 88 teams in their division.


Novembrer 28, 2017


Debate-KC at Sumner Academy


Suan Sonna - 1st Place Varsity Congress
Timothy McLaughlin - 1st Place Varsity Congress
Angela Carrazco - 3rd Place Varsity Congress
Ashlynn Freeman - 4th Place Varsity Congress
Gabriella Perez - 2nd Place Novice Policy Speaker
Gabriella Perez/Aileen Solis - 1st Place Novice Policy Speaker


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes!


November 17-18, 2017


Topeka High School


Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman - 12th Place JV

Stephen Barratt/Erick Grajeda - 17th Place JV


November 16, 2017


Debate-KC at Turner High School


Suan Sonna - 2nd Place Congress
Timothy McLaughlin - 3rd Place Congress
Ashlynn Freeman - 5th Place Congress
Anthony Lasley - 6th Place Congress

Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman - 5th Place JV Policy


Sumner Academy - 3rd Place School Sweepstakes



November 10-11, 2017


Shawnee Mission West Novice Invitational 


November 3-5, 2017





Cheyenne Rene MielkusSimone Folsom



Neymara Freeman- 1st Place Speaker
Jaleon Brown - 8th Place Speaker

Jaleon and Neymara broke into the quarter-final round and placed 8th.


November 2, 2017


Debate-KC at Southeast High School



Suan Sonna - 1st Place
Angela Carrazco - 3rd Place
Eunice Panama - 4th Place
Ashlynn Freeman - 5th Place
Adriana Requenes - 5th Place



Stephen Barratt - 1st Place JV Speaker
Erick Grajeda - 4th Place JV Speaker
Stephen Barratt/Erick Grajeda - 4th Place JV Team
Mikayla Mielkus/Gabriela Perez - 5th Place JV Team
Payton Johnson/Tremon Dodds - 2nd Place Novice Team


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes. GO SUMNER ACADEMY DEBATE!


October 17, 2017


Debate-KC at University Academy



Suan Sonna - 1st Place
Timothy McLaughlin - 2nd Place
Amaya Dajani - 3rd Place
Angela Carrazco - 4th Place
Ashlyn Freeman - 5th Place


Cheyenne Mielkus - 1st Place Speaker
Kasey Romo-Nieves - 3rd Place
Cheyenne Mielkus/Kasey Romo-Nieves - 1st Place Team
Simone Folsom/Manuel Garciga - 4th Place Team

Sumner Academy - 1st Place School Sweepstakes


Jaleon Brown - 1st Place Speaker
Neymara Freeman - 2nd Place Speaker
Stephen Barratt - 5th Place Speaker
Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman - 1st Place Team

Stephen Barratt/Erick Grajeda - 2nd Place Team


Mikayla Mielkus - 1st Place Speaker
Leona Whalen - 2nd Place Speaker
Mikayla Mielkus/Gerogia Brantley - 1st Place Team
Leona Whalen/Casey Manis - 2nd Place Tea


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes.


October 14, 2017


Shawnee Mission South Invitational


Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman - 8th Place (Novice)


September 23, 2017


Novice Debate Positive Experience @ Lawrence HS


Gabby Perez/Aileen Solis - 3:!

Georgia Bradley/Mikayla Mielkus - 3:1 

Ryen Buck - Best Ballot Award.


September 16, 2017

Olathe North Debate Invitational


Jaleon Brown/Neymara Freeman - 1st Place Novice

Simone Folson/Cheyenne Mielkus - 5th Place Open

Sumner Academy - 3rd Place School Sweepstakes



May 27-28, 2017


NCFL Nationals - Louisville, KY


Brandon Bush - 7th Place Dramatic Performance

Royal Sullivan - Congressional Debate, Semi-finalist

Cabria Ridgnal - Oral Interpretation of Literature, Octo-finalist


May 12-14, 2017


NIETOC (National Individual Events Tournament of Champions) - Liberty North HS, MO


Sumner Academy had four participants - Suan Sonna (OO), Marley Lowe and Brandon Bush (DI) and Michael Franklin (OO).  Brandon Bush and Marley Lowe broke to the octofinal round.


May 5-6, 2017


For the 6th consecutive year, Sumner Academy Forensics has won the state championship tournament!




1st place, Brandon Bush Thompson
2nd place, Marley Lowe


1st place, Cabria Ridgnal
2nd place, Kristen Brown


1st place, Royal Sullivan


1st place, Suan Sonna


2nd place, Michael Franklin


2nd place, Brandon Bush 
3rd place, Marley Lowe 


4th place, Suan Sonna 
6th place, Kasey Romo-Nieves


6th place - Latitia Murdock & Kayla Gantt


April 29, 2017

KS Forensics Coaches Invitational



Brandon Bush

1st Place Dramatic Interpretation

2nd Place Prose Interpretation

2nd Place Poetry Interpretation


Marley Lowe

1st Place Prose Interpretation

2nd Place Dramatic Interpretation

3rd  Place Poetry Interstation


Michael Franklin

1st Place Original Oration

2nd Place Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking


Royal Sullivan

1st Place Impromptu Speaking

3rd  Place Original Oration


Suan Sonna

1st Place Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

3rd Place Original Oration

2nd Place Impromptu Speaking


Cabria Ridgnal

1st Place Poetry Interpretation


Jackie Williams

4th Place Poetry Interpretation


Jasmin Arthur

4th Place Original Oration


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in team sweepstakes!



April 21 & 22, 2017


East Kansas National Speech & Debate National Qualifier


Michael Franklin

EKNSDA Student of the Year

1st Place Original Oration (National Qualifier)
3rd Place International Extemp Speaking
*Franklin qualified in 3 events (including Congressional Debate) and will compete at nationals in Oration.


Suan Sonna

1st Place Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

3rd Place Original Oration (National Qualifier)


Brandon Bush Thompson

1st Place Dramatic Interpretation


Marley Lowe

1st Place Program of Oral Interpretation

3rd Place Dramatic Interpretation


Jasmin Arthur

5th Place Original Oration


Sumner Academy also won the "Leading Chapter Award" and 1st Place School Speech Sweepstakes Award.


April 14 & 15, 2017


Shawnee Mission Northwest Invitational Forensics Tournament




Kristen Brown – 1st Place Poetry


Jordan J Thor Faught – 2nd Place DX


Simon Folsom – 6th Place Open LD




Brandon Bush Thompson
1st Place Poetry
3rd Place DI
4th Place, Prose


Royal Sullivan
1st Place Impromptu Speaking
1st Place POI


Michael Franklin
2nd Place OO

Kristen Brown
2nd Place Poetry


Jackie Williams
3rd Place Poetry


Jasmin Arthur
5th Place Informative


Marley Lowe
6th Place POI


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes!


Every year the SMNW tournament hosts a Louder Than a Bomb, Poetry Slam. A few of our Sumner Academy LTAB team members joined our team to compete. Vanessa Obi placed 3rd and Caroline Meek & Marley Lowe finished in the top 6.



April 8, 2017


Shawnee Mission East Invitational Forensics Tournament:


Michael Franklin
2nd Place, Informative-10
4th Place, POI


Kayla Gantt/Latitia Murdock
1st Place, Duet Acting


Aliyah Shaw
6th Place, Informative Speaking


April 2, 2017


Bishop Miege Invitational Forensics Tournament:


Marley Lowe 

1st Place, POI


Royal Sullivan
2nd Place, POI


Cheyenne Rene Mielkus
2nd Place, Impromptu
3rd Place, Informative10


Michael Franklin
3rd Place, POI
4th Place, Informative10


Ryen Buck
3rd Place, Prose


Kayla Gantt/Latitia Murdock
3rd Place, Duet Acting


March 24 - 25, 2017


East KS NSDA Congressional Debate Tournament:


Michael Franklin, 2nd Place (NQ)


Royal Sullivan, 5th Place


Sumner Academy, 3rd Place Congressional Debate Sweepstakes



Joshua Hinkle -3rd Place
Anthony Lasley - 4th Place
Timothy McLaughlin - 6th Place
Timothy McLaughlin - Top Novice PO



ReNell Monet Beauford - 5th Place
Timothy McLaughlin - Top PO


Our team also won two Best Legislation awards.


Shawnee Mission West Invitational Forensics Tournament:


Jasmin Arthur - 1st Place Oration
Marley Lowe - 3rd Place POI
Ashlynn Freeman - 6th Place Prose



March 7 & March 11, 2017


NCFL National Qualifiers:


Michael Franklin - 3rd Place Congressional Debate

Royal Sullivan - 5th Place Congressional Debate (NQ)


Marley Lowe
1st Place Oral Interpretation of Literature (NQ)
2nd Place Dramatic Performance


Royal Sullivan
1st Place Oration 
5th Place Congressional Debate NQ)


Brandon Bush Thompson
1st Place Dramatic Performance (NQ)


Suan Sonna
2nd Place Extemporaneous Speaking
3rd Place Oration (NQ)


Cabria Ridgnal
3rd Place Oral Interp of Literature (NQ)


Megan Dorantes
4th Place Oratorical Declamation (NQ)


Michael Franklin
3rd Place Congressional Debate 
9th Place Oral Interp of Literature (NQ)


Kasey Romo-Nieves
6th Place Oration (NQ)

Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes. The team will compete in May in the NCFL Grand National Tournament in Louisville, KY.



March 4, 2017

The team competed Saturday, March 4 in the Olathe Northwest Invitational Forensics Tournament.  The tournament consisted of 32 schools and over 800 entries. 


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes!


Brandon Bush

1st Place - Prose

6th Place – Dramatic Interp

6th Place – Poetry


Royal Sullivan

1st Place – Impromptu

1st Place – POI


Suan Sonna

1st Place – Impromptu Speaking

2nd Place – United States Extemp


Marley Lowe

2nd Place – POI

2nd Place – Prose


Cabria Ridgnal

3rd Place – Poetry

4th Place – Prose


Michael Franklin

4th Place - Oration

5th Place – International Extemp


Jasmin Arthur

2nd Place – Oration

Semifinalist - Info-10


Jackie Williams

3rd Place - Poetry


Cheyenne Mielkus

5th Place – Info-10


Kayla Gantt/Latitia Murdock

5th Place – Duet Acting


Kristen Brown

Semifinalist - Poetry


Kasey Romo-Nieves

Semifinalist - Oration


February 25, 2017 




Angela Carrazco - 1st Place

Timothy McLaughlin - 5th Place


February 17 & 18, 2017  Forensics Tournaments



Amari Lewis – 5th Place Novice Congress


SALINA CENTRALl: February 17-18


Suan Sonna
1st Place – Varsity USX
1st Place – Varsity Oration (NIETOC bid)
1st Place – Varsity Impromptu


Michael Franklin
1st Place – NQ Oration
1st Place – NQ Poetry
2nd Place – Varsity FX
5th Place - Varsity Oration (NIETOC bid)
5th Place – Varsity Impromptu
Semifinalist – Prose, Poetry, Informative


Royal Sullivan
2nd Place – Poetry NQ
2nd Place – Foreign Extemp NQ
5th Place – Varsity Poetry
3th Place – Varsity Impromptu 
4th Place – Varsity POI
Semifinalist - Oration


Marley Lowe
5th Place – Prose NQ
2nd Place – Varsity Dramatic Interp (NIETOC bid)
3rd Place – Varsity POI
3rd Place – Varsity Poetry
4th Place – Varsity Prose


Brandon Bush Thompson
1st Place – Varsity Prose
2nd Place – Varsity Poetry
3rd Place – Varsity Dramatic Interp (NIETOC bid)
3rd Place – Prose NQ


Cabria Ridgnal
5th Place – Varsity Prose
4th Place – Varsity Poetry
2nd Place – Dramatic Interp NQ


Jasmin Arthur
3rd Place – Oration NQ
5th Place – Varsity Informative
Semifinalist – Oration


Simon Folsom
6th Place – USX NQ
6th Place – Varsity USX


Cheyenne Rene Mielkus
4th Place - Impromptu NQ
Semifinalist – Impromptu, Informative (10) 


Kasey Romo-Nieves
6th Place – Prose NQ
Semifinalist – Prose & Oration


Megan Dorantes
6th Place – Varsity Poetry
Semifinalist - Prose


Isaiah Allen
Semifinalist – Prose & Poetry


Special congratulations to Suan Sonna, Marley Lowe, Michael Franklin and Brandon Bush for securing their qualification for this May’s National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) Tournament! 


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes!


February 10 & 11, 2017 Forensics Tournaments


OLATHE SOUTH – February 10


Ashlynn Freeman – 1st Place Novice DI
Ashlynn Freeman & Alecia Taylor – 1st Place Novice Duo
Ryen Buck – 1st Place Novice HI
Jordan J Thor Faught – 1st Place Novice Extemp & 4th Place Novice Info
Josh Hinkle – 3rd Place Novice Student Congress
Lesly Sosa – 6th Place Novice Student Congress


LIBERTY NORTH VARSITY – February 10 & 11


Marley Lowe
3rd Place DI (NIETOC bid)
6th Place POI

Suan Sonna
4th Place DX
OO Semifinalist (NIETOC bid)

Michael Franklin
OO Semifinalist (NIETOC bid)

Kasey Romo-Nieves
OO Semifinalist (NIETOC bid)

Royal Sullivan
POI Semifinalist



Leona Whalen – 3rd Place Impromptu Speaking

Naila Davis, Stephen Barratt, Christen Renteria, Jaleon Brown, Matthew Calhoun, Aubrey Her - 5th Place Lip Sync


February 3 & 4, 2017 Forensics Tournaments





Suan Sonna
1st Place -Domestic Extemp Speaking
1st Place- Oratory
1st Place -Impromptu Speaking

Brandon Bush Thompson
1st Place -Dramatic Interp
3rd Place -Poetry

Megan Dorantes
1st Place-Informative

Royal Sullivan
2nd Place -Oratory
2nd Place -POI
3rd Place -Impromptu

Marley Lowe
2nd Place-Dramatic Interp
5th Place-Poetry
3rd Place -POI

Michael Franklin
2nd Place -Foreign Extemp
4th Place- Oratory

Jasmin Arthur
3rd Place -Info (10)
4th Place- Informative

Kayla Gantt
5th Place-Dramatic Interp
5th Place-Prose

Jackie Williams
5th Place-Humorous Interp
5th Place-DUO Interp

Isaiah Allen
5th Place -DUO Interp
6th Place –Poetry

Cabria Ridgnal
3rd Place- Dramatic Interp

Amalia Murguia
5th Place-Domestic Extemp

Kasey Romo-Nieves
6th Place-Oration

Sumner Academy – 2nd Place School Sweepstakes


LAWRENCE – February 3


Royal Sullivan
5th Place-Senate

Simon Folsom
1st Place-Novice Congress

Ashlynn Freeman/Alecia Taylor
2nd Place DUO Interp

Ryen Buck
2nd Place-Novice Humorous Interp

Angel Germanotta Villa
3rd Place-Novice Humorous Interp

Kasandra Guerra
4th Place-Novice Congress

David Dickens
4th Place-Novice Humorous Interp

Jordan J Thor Faught
5th Place –Novice Extemp


Leona Whalen-6th Place Middle School Impromptu Speaking


January 28, 2017 Lansing Invitational Forensics Tournament



Suan Sonna​ - 1st Place Domestic Extemp
Suan Sonna - 1st Place Oration
Cabria Ridgnal​ - 1st Place Poetry Interp
Kasey Romo-Nieves - 2nd Place Oration
Aliyah Shaw​ - 2nd Place Informative Speaking (10)
Cheyenne Rene Mielkus​ - 3rd Place Informative Speaking (10)
Kayla Gantt​ - 3rd Place Dramatic Interp
Jackie Williams​ - 3rd Place Poetry Interp
Jasmin Arthur​ - 4th Place Informative Speaking (10)
Marley Lowe​- 4th Place Poetry Interp
Cheyenne Mielkus - 4th Place Impromptu Speaking
Megan Dorantes​ - 5th Place Poetry Interp
Brandon Bush Thompson​ - 5th Place Dramatic Interp
Simon Folsom - 6th Place Impromptu Speaking


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes!


January 27, 2017  Bishop Miege Novice Congressional Debate


Simon Folsom​ - 2nd Place
Kasandra Guerra -  3rd Place
Timothy McLaughlin​- 5th Place


January 27 & 28, 2017 - KSHSAA 5A 2-Speaker Debate Championship @ Blue Valley Southwest HS


Michael Franklin/Royal Sullivan - 4th Place Team


January 6 & 7, 2017- Debate Coaches Invitational (DCI) State Championship Derby HS, KS


Michael Franklin/Royal Sullivan - 6th Place Team


December 9 & 10, 2016 - Missouri State/GSU High School Debate Invitational in Springfield, MO



Michael Franklin/Royal Sullivan - 2nd Place Team


December 3 & 4, 2016 - Debate-KC City Championship @ UMKC


Josh Hinkle, Anthony Lasley, Manuel Garciga


Jackie WIlliams, Kasey Romo-Nieves, Cheyenne Mielkus, Michael Franklin, Aliyah Shaw

Overall, Sumner Academy closed out the varsity division of the tournament. 


Kasey Romo-Nieves/Cheyenne Mielkus - 4th Place Varsity

Aliyah Shaw/Jackie Williams - 2nd Place Varsity

Michael Franklin/Royal Sullivan - 1st Place Varsity


*Michael Franklin & Royal Sullivan will compete in NAUDL (National Association for Urban Debate Leagues) this April in Chicago!


November 18 & 19, 2016 - Topeka High


Michael Franklin and Royal Sullivan - 3rd Place DCI (DCI bid)



November 15, 2016 - Alta Vista




Cheyenne Mielkus - 1st Place Varsity Speaker

Kasey Romo-Nieves - 2nd Place Varsity Speaker

Savannah Miller - 3rd Place Varsity Speaker

Cheyenne Mielkus/Kasey Romo-Nievs - 1st Place Varsity Team

Savannah Miller/Jackie Williams - 2nd Place Varsity Team


Joshua Hinkle/Lesly Sosa - 2nd Place Novice Team

David Dickens/Ryen Buck - 3rd Place Novice Team

Anthony Lasley - 3rd Place Novice Speaker

Ryen Buck - 5th Place Novice Speaker




House 1

ReNell Monet Beauford - 1st Place

Isaiah Allen - 2nd Place

Latitia Murdock - 4th Place


House 2

Suan Sona - 1st Place

Royal Sullivan - 3rd Place

Ashanti Goodlow - 4th Place

Amaya Dajani - 5th Place


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes.  GO SUMNER ACADEMY DEBATE!


November 4-5, 2016 - KCKCC



Michael Franklin/Royal Sullivan
Marley Lowe/Amalia Murguia
Aliyah Shaw/Cheyenne Mielkus
Jordan Faught/Simon Folsom (Novice)


A special congrats to Michael Franklin/Royal Sullivan for placing in the Top 32 and earning a DCI bid!



November 2, 2016 - Center



House A

Savannah Miller – 1st Place

Amaya Dajani – 3rd Place


House B

Isaiah Allen – 2nd Place

Malcolm Williams – 3rd Place


House C

Royal Sullivan – 1st Place

Martha Vizcarra – 3rd Place

Amari Lewis – 4th Place




Cheyenne Mielkus/Kasey Romo-Nieves – 4th Place Varsity Team

Jordan Faught/Simon Folsom – 2nd Place JV Team

Jordan Faught – 2nd Place JV Speaker

Joshua Hinkle – 2nd Place Novice Speaker


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes.



October 17, 2016 - Lincoln Prep


Novice Policy Debate

Manual Garciga & Anthony Lasley  - 7th Place


JV Policy Debate

Simon Folsom – 1st Place Speaker

Simon Folsom & Jordan Faught – 1st Place Team


Varsity Policy Debate

Marley Lowe – 1st Place Speaker

Royal Sullivan – 2nd Place Speaker

Amalia Murguia – 5th Place Speaker

Marley Lowe & Amalia Murguia – 1st Place Team

Royal Sullivan & Michael Franklin – 5th Place Team


Student Congress

House 1:

Savannah Miller – 1st Place

Lucas Miller – 3rd Place

Cheyenne Mielkus – 4th Place

Amaya Dajani – 5th Place


House 2:

Amari Lewis – 2nd Place

Aliyah Shaw – 3rd Place

Kasey Romo-Nieves – 5th Place


House 3:

Suan Sonna – 1st Place

Martha Vizcarra – 3rd Place

Latitia Murdock – 5th Place


Overall, Sumner Academy placed 1st in school sweepstakes!


September 16 & 17, 2016 - Washburn Rural Invitational


Michael Franklin - 1st Place Varsity Speaker

Royal Sullivan - 2nd Place Varsity Speaker

Michael Franklin/Royal Sullivan - DCI Bid #1

Simon Folsom - 8th Place Novice Speaker


September 24, 2016 - East KS Novice Positive Experience


Barbara Garber-Davenport/Isaiah Allen - 7:1 (ballot wins)

Manual Garciga/Anthony Lasley - 6:2 (ballot wins)

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