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International Baccalaureate


Sumner Academy was admitted into the International Baccalaureate network in 1987.  Juniors and seniors who participate in the IB program of studies develop essential thinking and communication skills as they engage in university-level coursework at the high school level.  The IB Diploma Program provides students with a balanced education based on international standards of excellence.  The Certificate Program allows students to benefit from individuals IB courses.

What is it?

  • It is a comprehensive, rigorous two-year curriculum designed to meet the needs of academically motivated and talented high school juniors and seniors. Students take college level classes while still in high school which provides them with solid preparation for the challenges of college/university curricula.
  • Students can receive college credit for high scores on the IB exams. Students' work is evaluated through final exams which are sent all over the world for grading as well as an internal assessment component, usually some type of project, which is graded by Sumner Academy teachers.
  • What is IB?
IB Teachers
Contact Adam Beatty  Adam Beatty (913) 627-7305 Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Bergman  Elizabeth Bergman (913) 627-7277 Teacher
Contact Paula Biggar  Paula Biggar (913) 627-7272 Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Burns  Elizabeth Burns Teacher
Contact Thomas Davis  Thomas Davis (913) 627-7227 Teacher
Contact Kevin Day  Kevin Day (913) 627-7288 Teacher
Contact Daniel Duncan  Daniel Duncan (913) 627-7203 Teacher
Contact Eddie Gunter  Eddie Gunter (913) 627-7284 Teacher
Contact Jason Jay  Jason Jay (913) 627-7264 Teacher
Contact Jessica Jerman  Jessica Jerman (913) 627-7270 Teacher
Contact Cindy Leighton  Cindy Leighton (913) 627-7275 Teacher
Contact Kimberly Service  Kimberly Service (913) 627-7268 Teacher
Contact Douglas Wolff  Douglas Wolff (913) 627-7269 Teacher