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Hannah Sondreal
Hannah Sondreal

About Mme Sondreal

Hello! I am a French teacher at Sumner Academy, I teach French I and II. I love to share my experience growing up in France and the language with students. I earned my Bachelors of Arts in French and Global and International Studies at KU in 2012, and then my Masters of Arts in French at KU in 2014. 

Hannah Sondreal Locker

Hannah Sondreal

Contact Information


Phone: 913.627.7200

Planning Periods:

Monday 9:55-10:40 & 1:30-2:15

Tuesday/Thursday 9:55-11:25

Wednesday 11:10-1:05

Friday 11:30-1:30


Quizlet: -- find study sets for all vocabulary, links are also included in locker on SchoolLoop.