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Waiting for the Eclipse on 8/21/17
Waiting for the Eclipse on 8/21/17
Pep Rally
Hot Spring Arkansas 2017
Hot Spring Arkansas 2017
Robert Lopez Locker
My 3 sons...
My wife and I
My wife and I.

Robert Lopez

Sumner Convocation 2017-18
Sumner Convocation 2017-18


Hello.  My name is Robert Lopez.  This is my second year at Sumner Academy and I am super excited to be here.  I work with students that have last name's A-L.  I will try my best to assist your sons/daughters to reach their academic and personal goals. 


I am proud to be back in the DOTTE...Wyandotte County.  Previously, I have worked as an Academic Advisor at KU Educational Talent Search as well as a High School Counselor at Guadalupe Educational System's Alta Vista Charter High School (AVCHS) in Kansas City, Missouri.  I was at AVCHS for 17 years before I decided to come back home to Kansas City, Kansas.


On a more personal note, I grew up right down the street from Sumner Academy on 7th and Central Avenue.  I graduated from Bishop Ward High School and went to Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) and then transferred to the University of Kansas (KU) and received a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Psychology.  Soon after, I received an Educational Specialist at the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC). 


I am married to Janine Estrada-Lopez and I have three sons, Gabriel, Enrique, and Emilio.  


I love playing sports ( basketball, baseball, football, ping pong, mini-golf, bowling, badminton and volleyball).  I also enjoy going to movies and having fun.


I can be reached directly at 913-627-7220 or via email at  I know we will have a great school year.

Let's go Sumner SABRES!!!




Lopez Family Reunion 2016
Lopez Family Reunion 2016
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Football game 2017
Pep Rally 2017
Awesome Concert 2017