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Kaitlyn Jeannin

Ms. Tompkins

This is my 3rd year at Sumner Academy teaching math. The courses I have this year are: Algebra/Geometry Double and Advanced Algebra II. At Sumner, I am the co-sponsor of Student Council and the Girls' Assistant Swim Coach. I also participate in many other activities by helping out at sporting events and performances.


I grew up in Olathe, KS but I was born in Ventura, California. I moved from southern California to Kansas when I was three years old. I attended Kansas State University, where I received my B.A. in Secondary Education specializing in Mathematics Education. I recently got engaged and am planning a wedding for next summer. My favorite activity is watching sports. My favorite teams are the K-State Wildcats, Royals, and Chiefs.

Contact Information


Phone: 913-627-7273



1st hour - Algebra/Geometry Dbl

2nd hour - Algebra/Geometry Dbl

3rd hour - Plan

4th hour - Plan

5th hour - Algebra/Geometry Dbl

6th hour - Algebra/Geometry Dbl

7th hour - Advanced Algebra II

8th hour - AEP


Call or schedule an appointment:

Monday: 9:55 AM - 11:30 AM

Tuesday: 9:55 AM - 11:25 AM

Wednesday: 9:40 AM - 11:05 AM

Thursday: 9:55 AM - 11:25 AM

Friday: 9:55 AM - 11:30 AM


Algebra Honors Dbl
Alg 2 & Trig Pre IB SUM A
Kaitlyn Jeannin Locker