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David Oland Locker


Teacher Availability:  Planning periods are 3 and 6.  I do not check my phone often so the best way to reach me in through loopmail.  If I see a loopmail during this time I will respond promptly.







9:55 – 10:40

9:55 – 11:25




1:30 – 2:15


11:38 – 1:05


12:08 – 1:50


David Oland Locker

David Oland

American Economy
American Economy


Grew-up as an USAF brat until his father retired in Wichita, Kansas where he graduated from an alternative high school.  At the age of 21 he started going to community college.  It took him 3 years to get a 2-year degree because he had not studied and applied himself in high school, but he made it and decided to attend The University of Kansas where he received a BA in SS education with a minor in Psychology.  He taught at Wyandotte for 12 years while he got his Masters in Teaching and Leadership.  Eleven years ago he started a new school called Fairfax Campus and also worked with staff at all other Alternative schools including JDC.  He really missed the classroom, teaching, and most of all deeper relationships with students.  He went back into teaching in 2010 at Schlagle HS.  He was so excited to find a new permanent place to teach here at Sumner Academy where he has been since 2012.  He has a beautiful wife and two lovely rescue dogs, and takes his unclemanship very seriously.  He is passionate about his job, kids, family, KU hoops, the NFL (especially the Dolphins and the Griefs), and NASCAR. 

Mr. O and the SS department
Mr. O and the SS department